Jul 02, 2019

Merch Store Summer Sales!

Summer is here, which means it's time for a special sale in the MapleStory Merch Store! We have a whole bunch of new promotions available on items including t-shirts, figures, plushies, pins, and more. Read below for more information on our Summer Sale!

Summer Shirt Sale

For a limited time, you can get any one of the four debut MapleStory Merch Store t-shirts for 20% off! This includes the following shirts:

This sale will last for two weeks, from July 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM PDT to July 15, 2019 at 9:59 AM PDT, so don't miss a chance to pick up your favorite MapleStory T-Shirt!

New Bundles

We are permanently adding these special bundles to the store that you can purchase to get a special deal on multiple items! The bundles include:

  • MapleStory Pin Bundle: Includes all 4 of the MapleStory pins
  • MapleStory 2 Pin Bundle: Includes all 4 of the MapleStory 2 pins
  • Ultimate Collectors Pin Bundle: Includes all 8 pins from MapleStory and MapleStory 2
  • MapleStory King Pepe Bundle: Includes the MapleStory King Pepe Plushie and the MapleStory King Pepe Pin
  • MapleStory Slime Bundle: Includes the MapleStory Slime Plushie and the MapleStory Slime Pin
  • MapleStory 2 Slime Bundle: Includes the MapleStory 2 Slime Plushie and the MapleStory 2 Slime Pin
  • MapleStory 2 Mushroom Bundle: Includes the MapleStory 2 Mushroom Plushie and the MapleStory 2 Mushroom Pin
  • MapleStory 2 Ducky Bundle: Includes the MapleStory 2 Ducky Plushie and the MapleStory 2 Ducky Pin
  • MapleStory Lanyard Bundle: Includes both MapleStory Lanyards
  • MapleStory 2 Lanyard Bundle: Includes both MapleStory 2 Lanyards
  • Heroes of Maple Bundle: Includes all 6 MapleStory Hero Figures

Large Order Freebies

Starting now, you can get special freebies included with your order when you make a purchase over a certain amount! (The total purchase must meet the following amounts before shipping and taxes are applied).

  • For purchases over $50 USD, you'll get a free King Pepe Bag!
  • For purchases over $75 USD, you'll get a free Lanyard!
  • For purchases over $99 USD, you get free domestic U.S. shipping! (Only applicable to U.S. customers).

Summer is here, so head to the MapleStory Merch Store for great deals on these MapleStory collectibles!





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