Dec 02, 2015

Meso Sacks in Reboot World

Hi Maplers,

In creating Reboot world, our goal was to provide a hardcore RPG experience where balance impacting items can be obtained in-game through the efforts of each individual player. With this goal in mind, we want to make sure that the Reboot world is something that all of you want to be a part of  – a world that meets your expectations. Over the past day, we have listened to your feedback regarding the implementation of Meso Sacks in the Reboot world Cash Shop. We have decided to remove Meso Sacks from the Reboot World Cash Shop at this time, and these items will not be in the shop when the servers go live later today.

We’ve decided to remove these items while we further review community feedback and monitor meso activity in Reboot World. This will give us more insight as to whether or not we need to provide any additional ways to obtain meso in the future.

We would like to thank all of our players for their feedback and passion in bringing this concern to our attention, and we hope that you have an amazing time in Reboot!





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