Nov 18, 2019

[Complete][Updated November 20] Scheduled Game Update - November 20, 2019

[Updated 11:47 PM PST] We have completed maintenance. We have extended Cash Shop Items for 24 hours. Please make sure to restart your Nexon Launcher or Steam to make sure that you get the latest client. Thank you for your patience.


We have found an issue with creating a new character for players who have not changed their PIC in a while (i.e you get a popup when you login saying "You have not changed your PIC in a while. Would you like to now?"). If you change your PIC from the Character select screen, you will be able to create a new character. We plan to fix this issue in a Minor Patch as soon as possible.

NOTE: You do not need to reset your PIC from the website.

[Updated 10:20 PM PST] We have completed internal testing and are in the process of pushing the fixes to the live servers. Thank you for your patience.

[Updated 8:30 PM PST] We are still undergoing internal testing and will update this post as more information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

[Updated 7:32 PM PST] We have received the files from the developers and are currently undergoing internal testing. Our current estimated time to conclude maintenance is 11:00 PM PST, though this may change. We will continue to update this post with more information as they become available. Thank you for your continued patience.

[Updated 6:30 PM PST] We are currently waiting to receive the files for the issues that have been fixed while the developers investigate on the one remaining issue. We will continue to update when we can.

[Updated 5:33 PM PST] Our developers are in the process of implementing the fixes for the issues we found during internal testing. Again, thank you for your patience.

[Updated 4:30 PM PST] We are currently troubleshooting with the developers to resolve the issues. We'll continue to update this post for more information.

[Updated 3:28 PM PST] Due to a few issues in the patch, we will be extending the maintenance until further notice. We plan to update this post with more information as it arrives. Thank you for your patience as we work to bring you the Glory: Strengthened Alliances update.

We will be performing a scheduled game update on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM CET / 5:00 AM AEDT Nov 21). We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 6 hours, concluding around 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST / 1:00 AM CET Nov 21 / 11:00 AM AEDT Nov 21). Make sure to complete any daily quests before the scheduled game update begins, as it is unlikely to be complete until after the 4:00 PM PST daily reset.

Thanks for your patience!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019
PST (UTC -8): 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
EST (UTC -5): 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
CET (UTC +1): 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM (Nov 21)
AEDT (UTC +11): 5:00 AM (Nov 21
) - 11:00 AM (Nov 21)

  • What will be unavailable:
    • All MapleStory game servers.
  • Changes and Updates (Additional Changes TBA):
    • Server Upkeep.
    • MapleStory will be updated to v.209. Check out the Glory: Strengthened Alliances Patch Notes here!
    • Fixed an issue where Maple Rewards Shop purchase limit quantity was applied by region rather than by world.
    • Fixed an error where the Attack Speed increase effect was not applied to basic attack and some skills.
    • Fixed an error where Wind Energy and Master Thief Marks would disappear for Wind Archer's Howling Gale and Phantom's Phantom's Mark when reviving after using Buff Freezer.
    • Fixed an error where if Arch Mage (Ice, Lightning) repeatedly turns the Absolute Zero Aura on and off, the Freeze would stack all at once.
    • Fixed an error where if Pathfinder uses Cardinal Torrent while having learned the 5th Job common skill 'Blink', the client would crash.
    • Fixed an error where Blaze Wizard could not summon the Flame Fox in the air with Fires of Creation.
    • Fixed an error where only 1 Wind Energy would be used if Wind Archer uses Howling Gale after adding it to the macro.
    • Fixed an error where Night Walker would be hit with attack reflection after Darkness Ascending has been activated.
    • Fixed an error where Shade's Fox Spirits would attack ally NPCs.
    • Fixed an error where Aura Wave wouldn't be activated when Blaster uses Gatling Punch with the Weapon Aura applied.
    • Fixed an error where the skill effect transparency would be applied to the crystal that Illium summons after falling into the rapids in Hungry Muto.
    • Fixed an error where Node description wasn't being displayed when creating Skill Node on V Matrix.
    • Fixed an error where at least 1 damage would be applied for some skills even with the protective shield formed around boss monsters.
    • Fixed an error where damage would be applied at times even though 'miss' is displayed when the player attacks while their summoning skills are sealed.
    • Fixed an error where players would be hit with Lucid Phase 1's teleport pattern while using an invincible skill.
    • Fixed an error where the Link Skill from previous jobs would remain after Explorer has proceeded with open advancement.
    • Fixed an error where cooldown for Devious Nightmare wouldn't be displayed on the buff window for Shade's True Spirit Claw, Kaiser's Dragon Slash, Illium's Reaction, and Ark's Spectra Fatigue.
    • Fixed an error where final damage increase due to Boost Node of the skill used on Weapon Aura's wave damage (an all-Warrior skill) wouldn't be applied.
    • Fixed an error where Venom Burst, an all-Thief skill, would not be applied to flying monsters.
    • Fixed an error with Bishop's Genesis description to match the current logic, and automatic maximum charge effect buff for Big Bang will now be displayed on the buff window.
    • Fixed an error where MP could be recovered with Bishop's Benediction even when in a state where you cannot recover.
    • Fixed an error where Toxic Venom would be applied even when the Explorer Thief had not learned Venom.
    • Fixed an error where level-up attack wouldn't be applied when Wind Archer levels up while using Sentient Arrow and Song of Heaven.
    • Fixed an error where the illustration would be displayed with an incorrect gender when Orbital Cataclysm is activated with Xenon placed on the Legion Raid.
    • Fixed an error where Kaiser's Morph Gauge would be reset when reviving after death from Hard Hilla's vampire pattern.
    • Fixed an error where cooldown would be applied to Zero's Twin Blades of Time when entering Ursus fight.
    • Fixed an issue where the guild skill, On My Way, couldn't be used.
    • Fixed an issue where pet can't use potions while some linked skills are in use.
    • Fixed an issue where a minion that does a continuous attack after you do a specific action will trigger the attack before the action is finished. The power of skills that had their attack time shortened due to the action will be made similar to their original power. The following are the affected skills.
      • The attack interval of Elemental Fury used by Arch Mage (Fire, Poison) is 17% faster compared to before.
      • The attack duration of Radiant Evil used by Dark Knight increased by 5% and starts attacking faster.
      • The attack interval of Elemental Radiance used by Evan is 17% faster compared to before.
      • The attack interval of Spirit Frenzy cast by the Spirit Guardian while Shade is using Spirit Bond Max is 25% faster compared to before.
      • The attack count of Shiny Bubble Breath cast by Mighty Mascot used by Angelic Buster increased from 7 to 8.
    • Fixed an issue where Arch Mage (Fire, Poison)'s Ignite and Arch Mage (Ice, Lightning)'s Chilling Step could attack objects that can only be attacked with a regular attack.
    • Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Arch Mage (Fire, Poison)'s Poison Nova would sometimes not get applied.
    • Fixed an issue where Arch Mage (Fire, Poison)'s Elemental Fury could be used while you're hanging onto a rope or ladder.
    • Fixed an issue where abnormal status is removed when Bishop receives buff while Righteously Indignant during Angel of Balance.
    • Fixed an issue where the effect of Hammers of the Righteous isn't displayed properly when Paladin revives after dying on a certain map.
    • Fixed an issue where the buff duration of Cross Surge used by Dark Knight isn't displayed properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Marksman can't use Erdas Shower while charging Surge Bolt.
    • Fixed an issue where the set-up skill disappears if Night Lord uses Frailty Curse in a place with set-up skill.
    • Fixed an issue where the effect of Mihile's Soul Link isn't displayed properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Evan's Wyrmking's Breath can't be used in maps where movement skills can't be used.
    • Fixed an issue where only the face is shown in the air when Mercedes uses Wrath of Enlil while Sylvidia's Flight is in use.
    • Fixed an issue where the charging gets interrupted from patterns like petrification while Xenon is charging Omega Blaster.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes an explosion wouldn't occur when Cadena attacks after using Veteran Shadowdealer in Hard Lucid fight.
    • Fixed an issue where Cadena's Summon Shotgun could attack the Erda Cluster in Erda Spectrum.
    • Fixed an issue where the client shuts down when Ark uses Blissful Restraint on a certain monster.
    • Fixed an issue where, when changing the resolution during the screen effect that shows Ark doesn't have enough Spectra, it displayed the screen effect from before the resolution change.
    • Fixed an issue where the Item EXP of Arcane Symbol linked in the chat window will sometimes display wrong.
    • Fixed an issue where the request to make another player an account-wide friend is processed even though the friend request has not been accepted.
    • Fixed an issue where items that are intended to be tradable once (and untradable after transferring) within the account in Reboot world were able to be traded without limit.
    • Fixed an issue with locked inventory slots looking as if they are unlocked upon using the Storage Room.
    • Fixed an issue where the Boss Matchmaking List won't close if you enter the Cygnus or Magnus fights while you applied to the Boss Matchmaking List.
    • Fixed an issue with a message appearing for Lotus boss fight saying that you already cleared it for the week if you're either not in a party or if you attempt to enter again after entering for the day.
    • Fixed an issue where some ropes looked broken in Labyrinth of Suffering Core 6.
    • Fixed an issue where Pathfinder couldn't complete the Maple Achievement <Explorer Book Chapter 1>.
    • Fixed an issue with Neinheart's awkward way of speaking when Mihile does the [Theme Dungeon] Ellinel Fairy Academy quest.
    • Fixed an issue with abnormal EXP from the Snowman appearing in Pollo's Prankster Stormwing.
    • Fixed an issue with Messenger of Darkness not appearing for a long time after disappearing from using a skill.
    • Fixed an issue where items not in your level range dropping in Tenebris, Labyrinth of Suffering, and Limina.
    • Fixed an issue with Red Sand Crystal being created on the 29th floor of the Tower of Oz even though you don't have Red Sand Powder (x10).
    • Fixed an issue where Tower of Oz rings listed MP cost in the tooltip description even though there is no cost upon activation.
      • Crisis H Ring
      • Crisis M Ring
      • Crisis HM Ring
      • Clean Stance Ring
      • Clean Defense Ring
    • Fixed an issue where Ring of Restraint couldn't be exchanged via trade.
    • Fixed an issue where the message didn't appear when you reached the limit of Maple Reward Points that can be accrued.
    • Fixed an issue where the rankings for Dream Defender and Legion weren't properly displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where the enemy with attack reflection receives damage from the attack that is made from leveling up.
    • Fixed an issue where Evan's Support Jump can be assigned to a hotkey.
    • Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Blaster's Gatling Punch isn't applied properly in the hotkey window.
    • Fixed an issue where the sound effect doesn't end when Angelic Buster uses Shiny Bubble Breath with Mighty Mascot.
    • Fixed an issue where Kinesis could use Kinetic Jaunt while immobilized such as stun.
    • Fixed an issue where a Node could be equipped/unequipped by dragging in V Matrix during battle.
    • Fixed an issue where Hekaton's screen reverse pattern didn't go away.
    • Fixed an issue with matches that aren't exactly getting searched when you search for a word with spaces and upper/lower cases after checking the Exact Match function in Maple Auction.
    • Fixed an issue where searching in Auction House by selecting some secondary weapons from the dropdown box on the left resulted in no search results.
    • Fixed an issue where the waiting time after clearing each floor in Mu Lung Dojo is sometimes less than 10 sec.
    • Fixed an issue where the Snail pet sometimes remained for a long time after its magic duration ended while in use.
    • Fixed an issue where the contents of the item tooltip didn't refresh properly if it changed at the edge of the screen.
    • Fixed an issue where Wild Hunter sometimes couldn't use another skill after using Call of the Hunter.
    • Fixed an issue where 'untradable' wasn't displayed in the pet tooltip in the Cash Shop.
    • Fixed an issue where Illium couldn't progress in the game for completing the Job story quest without advancing to 2nd Job.
    • Fixed an error were Potential of additional pendant slots wouldn't be applied.
    • Fixed an error where the monster wave wouldn't proceed at times during Pollo's Guard the Castle Gates mission.
    • Fixed an error where the effect of summoned Archangel's blessing would appear awkward when using a Force Training skill or sitting on a particular chair, with the Angelic Blessing equipment items equipped.
    • Fixed an error of EXP ceasing to be obtained before the 8 hours or EXP being obtained after the 8 hours when proceeding with mock combat with the Force Training skill.
    • Fixed an error where if Zero moved maps after opening the bookshelf in Zero's Temple, the UI wouldn't close.
    • Fixed an error where Kupo's Ride, which can be done from Theme Dungeon Stone Colossus, will sometimes not proceed normally.
    • Fixed an error where the 'Go Back' button would temporarily be gone on character selection screen after resetting the PIC.
    • Fixed an issue where Lv. 140+ monsters sometimes dropped Lv. 130 equipment.
    • Fixed an issue where the Katara's effect is applied when Dual Blade equips a Katara and open advances.
    • Fixed an issue where characters, other than Xenon, couldn't equip or replace the Android heart by double-clicking while Emblem isn't equipped.
    • Fixed an issue where the position of some UI is reset even though they are all visible on the screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the actual order of monsters and the order shown on the UI in Monster Life is sometimes different.
    • Fixed an issue where you can't combine even though you go to a different Farm and Charge Essence after using up your combinations in Monster Life.
    • Fixed an issue where the monsters appearing in Swarm Stronghold don't drop mesos.
    • Fixed an issue where General Hornet isn't attacked during hit animation.
    • Fixed an issue where Star Force shield effect always appeared when another character hits monsters in Star Force Hunting Zones.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes you would exit immediately after entering Pollo and Fritto content.
    • Fixed an issue where the Pendant of the Spirit buff icon won't disappear if it expires while you have it equipped and change channels.
    • Fixed an issue where the tradeability of consumable items is shown on some buff icons when used.
    • Fixed an issue where the Android sometimes can't follow the character properly.
    • Fixed an issue where the weapon appears in front of the character when Farmer's Glorious Egg Stick is equipped and you are hanging onto a rope or ladder.
    • Fixed an issue where the mix dye of Round Cropped Bob looked awkward when lying face down.
    • Fixed an issue where some actions of the Vine Shark weapon overlapped with Camelia Tea Time.
    • Fixed an issue where several of the same item would sometimes appear in Angelic Buster's Character Info window.
    • Fixed an issue where using the Appraisal Magnifying Glass would sometimes not use it but use up mesos.
    • Fixed an issue where the previous tooltip would sometimes remain after resetting the Ability.
    • Fixed an issue where the client could sometimes close when the character dies.
    • Fixed an issue where the area created with the Ring of Restraint didn't disappear after switching to a different Tower of Oz ring.
    • Fixed an issue where the afterimage of the skill effect would sometimes remain after Buccaneer uses a skill.
    • Fixed an issue where Dawn Warrior could use Equinox Cycle while either Falling Moon or Rising Sun isn't learned.
    • Fixed an issue where Angelic Buster could enable Soul Seeker Expert while Soul Seeker isn't learned.
    • Fixed an issue where the skill wouldn't activate even though Kinesis used Kinetic Jaunt while using a skill.
    • Fixed an issue where the number of attacks for Abyssal Recall used by Ark was reduced.
    • Fixed an issue where the altar can't be used in Damien fight.
    • Fixed an issue where the damage of the first attack isn't applied when Blaster uses Gatling Punch.
    • Fixed an error with wrong display of the bag item's icon regardless of whether it can be used or not.
    • Fixed an error where Kinesis's character perspective would be fixed and wouldn't move after completing the 'Sinkhole Sunk'.
    • Fixed an error where the incorrect participation level would be displayed for Kinesis during the quests for some contents.
    • Fixed an error where unnecessary sound would be heard while proceeding with Tutorial for Cygnus Knights.
    • Fixed an error where enabling navigation on the Sky Road Cloud Park would lead to the Old Man's House.
    • Fixed an error where the Tenebris daily quests would not be removed from the notifier.
    • Fixed an error where the portal image on the left of Frozen Temple of Time was floating from the ground.
    • Fixed an error where entering Nameless Town from a particular situation would result in a crash.
    • Fixed an error where if another character is jumping from a moving platform like in the Torrent Zone, it appeared as if they were jumping while lying down.
    • Fixed an error where pets would have shaking motions when moving.
    • Fixed an error where the Flower Fairy effect wouldn't be visible with some motions.
    • Fixed an error where the mix dye for Super Diva would appear awkward when lying face down.
    • Fixed an error where socks for Preppy Suspenders wouldn't be visible when lying face down.
    • Fixed an error where walking motion with Mu Young's sword was awkward with the gun weapon equipped.
    • Fixed an error where some expressions on the Elf King Face (M) were slightly out of place.
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong NPC image would be in the dialogue window when Illium does the "Maple World at Last" quest.
    • Fixed an issue where Demon Slayer or Demon Avenger sometimes couldn't complete the 3rd and 4th Job advancement quests properly.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes you couldn't move when a movement skill is used at the end of the map in Ellinel Fairy Academy - Above the Lake 3.
    • Fixed an issue where Partem's Forest of Pudgy Flowers is counted as a town.
    • Fixed an issue where some contents involving monsters near your level couldn't be done in the Battlefield of Fire and Water map.
    • Fixed an issue where some of the map backgrounds in Scrapyard looked awkward.
    • Fixed an issue where the tradeability of an item will only be displayed by moving it from the Cash Inventory to your inventory, and then back into the Cash Inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where Nova Guardians sometimes isn't summoned when Kaiser uses it on a terrain with little platform.





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