Jul 27, 2020

[Update July 28] Epic Familiar Potentials and Lotus Familiar Changes

[Update July 28] To clarify, Epic Familiars with incorrect Potentials will be adjusted to have corresponding Potentials from the Epic pool during the Thursday, July 30 maintenance.

Hi Maplers,

There was an issue where Epic Familiars registered before the July 22 Rise: Surge of Power v215 Update could be incorrectly set with Unique Potentials. If a Familiar Card was used on these affected Familiars after the v215 update, they were properly set with Epic Potentials. However, Epic Familiars with incorrect Potentials that were obtained prior to v215 still remain, and will be adjusted to have corresponding Potentials from the Epic pool during our next maintenance (currently scheduled for Thursday, July 30).

During the next maintenance, we will also update Lotus Familiars obtained prior to v215 to have the Legendary rank. Familiar cards dropped by Lotus should be Unique rank, but there was a bug that set them as Legendary rank in v213 and v214. This issue was addressed in v215, but it caused an error where the Lotus Familiar cards already obtained by players were also changed to Unique. Since the obtained Familiar cards were Legendary in v213 and v214, any Lotus Familiar cards obtained prior to v215 will be restored to their Legendary rank. Please note that Lotus Familiar cards obtained after v215 will properly have the Unique rank.

-The MapleStory Team





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