Aug 19, 2020

v.216 - Astral Blessings Update Preview

Get ready for a fireworks fiesta with the Celestial Festival! In celebration of the solar eclipse, come enjoy the festivities and perks you get with your Celestial Rank, such as the Celestial Skills. Make the most of it by participating in various Celestial events and earning Celestial Points! While you enjoy the festival, Burning World is coming to a close and it’s time for World Leap. You can select up to six Burning World characters in each region to World Leap so remember to train them to Lv. 150 and above before the journey ends! Our Fairy Bros’ Golden Giveaway returns with even more rewards to give based on your attendance. Log in every day to earn special rewards like Floating Rock Spirit Coupon and more!Don’t miss out on the world-shattering experience that only comes once a year, the solar eclipse! To commemorate these eventful times in Maple World, Dark Prince and the others are inviting you to join them in the Celestial Festival. You can earn Celestial Points by participating in the events and you’ll have access to more Celestial Skills as you rank up your Celestial Rank all the way to Celestial Rank S! The Celestial Festival has an assortment of events you can play through. You can participate in one of three events each week: Celestial Surge, Unending Night, and The Umbra. If you decide on The Umbra for the week, you will gain access to a map where you can defeat monsters and earn bonus EXP during the given time limit each day! Oh, and make sure you catch the Princess Parade and Ride the Hot-Air Balloon for EXP and Celestial Points while you’re at the festival!It’s time to wrap up your training in Burning World and take a leap to join another world! When the time comes to end your journey, Mover will assist your qualified Burning World characters to World Leap to any non-Reboot worlds in the region. Remember, saying goodbye to one adventure is saying hello to another…Fairy Bros’ Golden Giveaway returns with even more special rewards! All you have to do is to make sure your cumulative login time reaches 1 hour each day. Every 9th attendance day, you will receive a valuable gift, such as Floating Rock Spirit Coupon, Stellar Magic School Set Coupon, and Fairy Wonky's Glow-in-the-Dark Leaf!





[Update Mar 31] Marvel Machine Return...

The Marvel Machine is back through Sunday, April 4!

Mar 26, 2021

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