Jan 15, 2021

Beast Tamer Quest and Kritias Invasion Changes coming in v.220

With the v.220 February Update, currently planned for Wednesday, February 3, we will be making a pair of changes to existing MapleStory content, revamping the Beast Tamer's "A Guardian's Blessing" quest and removing the Kritias Invasion.

Beast Tamer "A Guardian's Blessing" Revamp

With the update, we will be revamping the Beast Tamer exclusive "A Guardian's Blessing" quest. In addition to changing the level requirement to begin the quest to Lv. 140, only Animal SP Potions will be rewarded from the quest, with other items removed from the reward pool.

More information about this revamp will be coming in the patch notes, but one of the primary results of this change is that any unclaimed rewards from the "A Guardian's Blessing" quest, aside from Animal SP Potions, must be claimed before v.220 is released, as other pending rewards will be made unavailable with that update.

Kritias Invasion Removal

Additionally, the Kritias Invasion content will no longer be accessible with v.220, and all related achievements will be moved to the Maple Achievement Memory tab, so revisit it while you can!

- The MapleStory Team





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