Mar 18, 2021

Final Day for Pixel Picks Voting! (March 2021)

We're coming up on the final day to vote for your favorite Pixel Picks styles! You have until 10:59 AM PDT on Friday, March 19 (6:59 PM CET, 4:59 AM AEDT Mar 20) to cast your ballots and make sure that your preferred two outfit sets and six male and female hair and face styles will join the Cash Shop in April! Remember, if you've already voted, you can change your votes after 1:00 AM PDT each day to strategically ensure that your favorites styles make the cut!

Here are the items to choose from our current round:

Premium Surprise Style Box

You can select one of the following twelve outfit sets, and the top two selections will make their way into the Premium Surprise Style Box on April 28! Select the Bunny Jersey Set, Carbon Wing Set, Dino Set, or Evening Orchid Set!

MapleStory Pixel Picks March 2021 PSSB Sets

Cast your vote for the Fog Admiral Set, Oh My Captain Set, Picnic Set, or Regal Romance Set!

MapleStory Pixel Picks March 2021 PSSB Sets

Choose the Snowbunny Set, Springtime Sprout Set, Tennis Set, or Well Deserved Vacation Set!

MapleStory Pixel Picks March 2021 PSSB Sets

Royal Styles

You can select one Royal Style for each of the four categories below, and the top six selections in each category will become available on April 21 with the Pixel Picks Royal Style Coupon!

Vote between the following male hairstyles: Aki Hair, Bangin' Boyband Hair, Combed Parted Hair, Comma Hair, Fashionably Framed Hair, Feathered Bed Head, Feathered Wild Bangs, Forest Fairy, Goggles and Spikes Hair, Guile Hair, Ice King Hair, Innocent Hair, Lakia Hair, Milk Tea Hair, Neat Wave Hair, Noah Hair, Plain Bobbed Hair, Preppy Swoosh Hair, Red Carpet Hair, Round Cropped Bob, Ruya Hair, Side-Part Pompadour, Sleek Bowl Cut, Teddy Hair, Tousled Surfer Hair, Toy Poodle Hair, Uneven Bangs Hair, V Hair, Von Bon Hair, and Wiry Hair!

MapleStory Pixel Picks March 2021 Male Hairs

Choose from the following female hairstyles: Blossomdew Hair, Bobbed Dango Hair, Bouncy Wave Hair, Bubble Tea Hair, Canted Pixie Cut, Chickpea Hair, Curlicue Fringe Bob, Cute and Nice Daughter Hair, Double French Braids, Double Half-up Hair, Elf Queen Hair, Flowing Hair with Buns, Forest Fairy, Fruity Explosion Hair, Fuzzy Fried Hair, Glossy Flyaway Hair, Going to School in the Morning Hair, Goth Idol Hair, Hair Bow Half-Updo, Kitty Horn Hair, Loose-Bang Retro Hair, Magic Ella Hair, Messy Bob Hair, Mimi Hair, Roan Hair, Rosette Hair, Short Parts with Buns, Soft Twisted Sister Hair, Sweet C-curl Hair, and Voluminous Short Crescent Hair!

MapleStory Pixel Picks March 2021 Female Hairs

You can select from the following male faces: Beauty Face, Bright Face, Charmed Face, Dark Circle Face, Dreamy Face, Eager Boy Face, Elf King Face, Enticing Cattertons Face, Glamor Look, Hoi Poi Face, Kura Face, Lethargic Face, Longing Face, Male Evan Face, Marron Face, Mysterious Face, Not-So-Chucklehead Face, Polite Interest Face, Pumpkin Star Face, Pure Beauty Face, Pure Nostalgia Face, Silver Marble Face, Soft Face, Soulful Gaze Face, Sugar Face, Sulky Look, Teacher's Pet Look, Teary-Eyed Face, Tsundere Face, and Wow Face!

MapleStory Pixel Picks March 2021 Male Faces

Vote from the following female faces: Bright Face, Bummed Face, Charmed Face, Clamped Mouth Face, Cool Face, Creepy Face, Dark Circle Face, Dreamy Face, Eileen Face, Elf Queen Face, Enlightened Face, Enticing Cattertons Face, Existentially Tired Face, Friendly Friend Face, Glassy-Eyed Face, Jewel Eyes, Lethargic Face, Moonbeam Face, Mr. Moon Face, Not-So-Chucklehead Face, Odd Eye, Peculiar Face (F), Pretty Lashes Face, Pumpkin Star Face, Silver Marble Face, Soft Face, Sweetheart Face, Tsundere Face, Uninterested Face, and Wow Face!

MapleStory Pixel Picks March 2021 Female Faces

Vote for your favorites styles today, check back on Friday to see if your favorite items are winning, and join the discussion about this special event on the Official MapleStory Discord or the Official MapleStory Forums!





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