Apr 21, 2021

Share your Maple Memories!

16 years have passed since MapleStory was launched in North America on May 11, 2005. Millions of people have grown up with MapleStory, making friends, having adventures, and exploring the countless possibilities of Maple World. Now we want to hear about your favorite Maple Memories!

Go to the Maple Memories site to see the memories of your fellow Maplers as they speak of fun times, good friends, old and incredible stories, and more! Then share your own memories with the world!

Feel free to share your memories on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, tagging them with #MapleMemories to allow them to be pulled and display on the Maple Memories site. You can also use your Nexon account to create a post directly on the site itself if you'd like!

Share your memories, look upon what the last 16 years of MapleStory has brought to everyone, and let's all look forward to many more years of MapleStory!

Note: All posts submitted, whether through the Maple Memories site or via social media, will be moderated and screened for content before being displayed.




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