Oct 19, 2021

Netherlands Trade Limitations Update

MapleStory News

Attention Dutch Maplers,

After further review of our in-game systems and the necessary changes that must be made for Dutch players, we’ve updated the details on the trade functions mentioned in our Netherlands Trade Limitations announcement. The following in-game trade functions will no longer be available for Dutch players in order to comply with Netherlands regulations:

  • Give and Receive items and mesos to other players via 1:1 trade
  • Buy and Sell via Auction House/Meso Market
  • Drop items and mesos
    • Note: Items required for quest, boss, or other content can still be dropped.

The above trade limitations will be implemented during our next maintenance.

After the restrictions are in place, some Dutch players may be interested in moving to the Reboot world. We are creating a special event to help those along the way while leveling if they choose to create a new character in Reboot world. The details are still in discussion and we’ll provide an update once they’ve been finalized. We thank you for your patience.

Thank you,
-The MapleStory Team




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