Nov 17, 2022

MapleStory Fest 2022 Recap

On November 12, MapleStory Fest made its return to Los Angeles with our first in-person event since 2019! Between the announcement of MapleStory Worlds, an upcoming new title that lets you create and share your own MapleStory-style adventures (and much more!), a look back at the 2022 adventures of MapleStory and MapleStory M, highlights of future content, and the finals of the MapleStory Boss Blitz, it was a day filled with MapleStory goodness. Check out some of the highlights!

You can relive the announcements and competition, including the MapleStory Boss Blitz finals and the MapleStory Worlds announcement, in the full Twitch VODs (Part 1, and Part 2), and take a look at some of the pictures we took at MapleStory fest below!

Thank you for watching MapleStory Fest and playing MapleStory and MapleStory M. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Note: For those that attended MapleStory Fest 2022 but failed to claim the watch rewards in time, please submit a ticket to Player Support for help in claiming them! Please include the following information in your ticket:

  • Character Name and World
  • Email Address used to purchase the ticket on Eventbrite
  • Eventbrite Receipt (if available)





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