Aug 31, 2023

Check Out the August 2023 Art Corner

MapleStory Art Corner

Welcome to the MapleStory Art Corner! To celebrate the wonderful community that's helped to make Maple World such a vibrant, colorful place to be, we've decided to take this space to display some of our favorite fan art that we've gathered from you, our players! If you'd like to submit your own art, you can do so via this handy form (please be sure to include your artist name in the filename).

Here are our favorite submissions this month ~ Please remember that the links to websites operated by third parties are not under the control, or endorsed by, Nexon and Nexon is not responsible for the contents of any linked website.

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Artist: Pimu
Character: PimuPPP of Reboot (NA)
Twitter: @madorosupimu
Instagram: asdfghj1400430

"BUFF Mercedes =U="

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Artist: Alkaru
Character: Alkaru of Reboot (NA)
Instagram: alkaru.arts

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of MapleStory's gorgeous designs and aesthetics! Kanna is one of my favorites, both design-wise and gameplay-wise (she's a beast!) o(〃'▽'〃)o"

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Artist: Thonkerey
Character: feshthology of Bera

"My motivation for this was a snowstorm hitting my area and Valentine's Day xd"

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Artist: ShiroDice
Character: ShiroDice of Luna
Instagram: leodonne_dac

"This is a drawing inspired by the new event. We love the new Rise update and can't wait for the next expansions. Have fun everyone! ❤"

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Artist: ahhgela
Character: dork of Bera
Twitter: @ahhgela
Instagram: ahhgela

"Just wanted to draw my Battle Mage uwu"





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