Premium Surprise Style Box Rates

Premium Surprise Style Box Rates

Premium Surprise Style Box:

  • Price (1): 3,400 NX
  • Price (11): 34,000 NX

The Premium Surprise Style Box holds a decorative equip item! There are 50 different permanent items available. Here is the full list of items currently available from the box, along with their rates. Some items will only be awarded to characters of the gender that can equip that item, and their reward slot is shared with an item for the opposite gender.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.

Item Name Rate
Wave Coral 2.00%
Pure Wave 2.00%
All White Wave
Wave Echo 2.00%
Wave Trace 2.00%
Wave Knot
Wave Melody 2.00%
Smiling Chick School Arts Festival 2.00%
Sweetly Smiling Chick School Arts Festival 2.00%
Chick School Arts Festival Uniform 2.00%
Chick Book Bag 2.00%
Chick School Arts Festival Shoes 2.00%
Sprout Class Chick 2.00%
Kid Triangle 2.00%
Chick Beak 2.00%
Blue-Pink Neon Mouse Hat 2.00%
Yellow-Purple Neon Mouse Hat 2.00%
Blue-Pink Neon Mouse Outfit 2.00%
Yellow-Purple Neon Mouse Outfit 2.00%
Black Stuffed Bunny Label Ring 2.00%
Stuffed Black Bunny Chat Ring 2.00%
Shadow Warrior"s Veil 2.00%
Shadow Warrior's Tunic (M) 2.00%
Shadow Warrior's Tunic (F)
Shadow Warrior"s Sword 2.00%
Pom Pom Bear 2.00%
Winter Lavender 2.00%
Soft Lavender Hoodie 2.00%
Soft Pink Hoodie
Lavender Sneakers 2.00%
Oceanic Wings 2.00%
Oceanic Heart 2.00%
Oh My Captain (M) 2.00%
Oh My Captain (F)
Captain Boots 2.00%
Luminous Sea 2.00%
Heart Eye Patch 2.00%
Shoulder Squatter 2.00%
Fairy Knit Hat 2.00%
Strawberry Shirt 2.00%
White Rainbow Leggings 2.00%
Cutie Puppy 2.00%
Cross Camping Mug 2.00%
Moon Bunny Keyring 2.00%
>:3 2.00%
Soft Hopping 2.00%
Sour Hopping 2.00%
Sweet Hopping
Hopping Thumping 2.00%
Hopping Flutter 2.00%
Hop Ribbon Art 2.00%
Fried Spirit 2.00%
Roaring Flame Fryer 2.00%
Flame Fryer
Fryer Shoes 2.00%
Legendary Pan Lid 2.00%
Fried Sacred Object 2.00%