Returning Mapler Guide

MapleStory Returning Mapler Guide

Welcome back! Over 200 major updates have resulted in quite a few changes to MapleStory over the years. If you're an older MapleStory player who has been gone for a while, there may be a few surprises in store. This page summarizes major updates that have released since the V updates in late 2016, and will be updated in the future with notable older updates and other major changes.

Major Changes

Below are some of the major changes to MapleStory that older players might not know about, and be surprised by on their return. There's been a lot of big changes over the years (multiple Level Cap increases, new jobs, new adventures, new bosses...), but the section below is all about those major changes that made a huge difference in how people enjoyed Maple World, and what you should be aware of when you're coming back!

Better Maple Updates - Ongoing

MapleStory is a very long-running game, and with numerous updates a year, there's a lot of time to go back and look to see what changes and improvements can be made to ongoing game systems. Many of these changes have been bundled together as Better Maple changes in the patch notes listed below, where we took a long look at some key factor of MapleStory and worked to improve it to, well, create a better MapleStory experience.

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Cygnus Knights Redux - November 16, 2022

MapleStory Cygnus Knights Redux

The Cygnus Knights are some of the oldest classes in MapleStory, an order of legendary warriors that battled the Black Mage in the days of old, and they have returned once again to finish their noble fight, and with the Ignition: Cygnus Knights Redux update, we've given them a revamp!

All six Cygnus Knight classes are getting upgraded with new skills, improved animations, and additional story segments to flesh out their adventures in Maple World further! As with the Explorer classes during the Destiny update, we've been careful to avoid confusing veteran Cygnus Knight Maplers or changing what they love about the classes. Take a look at the patch notes to see what's changed:

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Explorer Redux - June 15, 2022

MapleStory Explorer Redux

The Explorers are the original classes of MapleStory! Starting out as a simple Beginner, you can select your own path through 14 different possible jobs across all five types of MapleStory characters. They've been the backbone of MapleStory for the last 17 years, and with the Destiny: Remastered update all 14 Explorer jobs have been revamped!

This revamp includes improved skills, better animations, new story segments to explore and more! While we've worked hard to make sure that the changes won't confuse Maplers with Explorer characters, you'll have plenty to play with and “explore” with this refresh to MapleStory's oldest class of heroes! If you're coming back to MapleStory and you have an Explorer character as one of your favorites, take a look at the patch notes to see what's changed:

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Familiar Revamp- April 21, 2020

MapleStory Familiar Updates

In the spring of 2020, we released a massive overhaul of the Familiar system, completely changing the way that Familiars grow in power, allowing any Familiar in MapleStory to be upgraded to the maximum power possible. This was an improvement over having a set Familiar level that went unchanged, requiring you to get new ones as you grew in power, leaving your old friends behind.

Familiars were changed to all start out at the same power, letting them grow in power through combat, and upgrade rarity to get even stronger as you level them up. While some of the details have changed since its initial release, the original post for the Familiar Revamp lays out the new system in great detail, so that you can train your favorite helpers to be as powerful as they can be!

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Maple Tour - March 11, 2020

In March 2020, we introduced a new dungeon to help with one of MapleStory's ever-popular activities: Earning mesos! Maple Tour is a dungeon specifically intended to be the ideal place to gather mesos, with a limited number of attempts available per day. The more stages that you can clear within ten minutes (up to six), the more mesos you'll earn, although there's a slight delay.

While Maple Tour will give you more mesos than any other piece of content, it comes on a week-long delay. You'll earn the full sum you earned after a 7-day waiting period, although you can get take the Payday Advance option to take only half the number of mesos possible, but receive them immediately upon clearing the dungeon, if you have an urgent need for the funds. This dungeon has become a staple of play within MapleStory since its introduction, and you can learn more about it in the v.212 Patch Notes post!

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World Merges - August 28, 2019

Server technology has improved a bit in the last fifteen years, and in 2019 we took advantage of it to combine many MapleStory worlds together and create a more active, vibrant set of worlds! The Worlds of Elysium (formed by combining Broa, Khaini, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, and Demethos) and Aurora (formed by combining Windia, Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia, and Nova) were added, making it easier to find other players to meet and form a group.

More happened than just combining a few worlds together and calling it a day, however. The v.207 Worlds Unite Patch Notes has the full list of changes made in order to accommodate all the additional players and the number of complications such a process naturally creates. If you were an active player prior to this patch and are recently returning, we strongly suggest that you look over the notes to find out where your old characters are now residing and what changes needed to be made to accommodate the merge.

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5th Job Advancement - December 16, 2016

MapleStory 5th Job Advancement

Back during the V series of updates, we released the 5th Job Advancement, allowing MapleStory characters to grow even stronger and unlock a new tier of power. Unlike previous Job Advancements 1-4, however, 5th Job Advancement functions through the V Matrix, a special way to obtain and learn powerful new passive and active abilities.

5th Job Skills are obtained through Arcane River content, collecting Nodestones, crafting skills with randomized power-ups, powering them up, and equipping them as needed. We've also continued to support this with new 5th Job skills coming periodically, giving Lv. 200+ Maplers more powers to play with. You can learn more about how it was originally implemented in the V: 5th Job Patch Notes, get a grasp on how the V Matrix works in full with the V Matrix Maple Guide, or just peruse the full collection of skills with the 5th Job Skills Maple Guide.

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Auction House - November 30, 2016

MapleStory Auction House

At the end of 2016, MapleStory introduced an Auction House system to make it easier and more convenient to buy and sell items from other MapleStory players! Take your items there, list them for the meso amounts you want, find the items or materials you need, and buy them off your fellow players! You can learn more about it in the Auction House Maple Guide, which goes over the basics of listing and selling your own items, as well as some of MapleStory's unique Auction House features!

Please note that, as part of the Auction House's implementation and adoption by the player base, the Free Market was eventually retired in early 2017. While items and mesos that were present in the Free Market could be reclaimed for a time, the NPC holding those items was removed in early 2020.

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Past Updates

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v.244 - Punch King Palooza - August 30, 2023

MapleStory v244 Punch King Palooza MMORPG

  • Better Maple: A massive number of Quality of Life improvements dropped, including improvements to Potential Lines, revamps to Arcane and Sacred Symbol costs, buffs persisting through character deaths without the need for Buff Freezers, Boss improvements, and so much more!
  • Grand Athenaeum: Maple Chronicle: The "Book of the Beginning" has been added to the Grand Athenaeum, allowing Maplers to revisit the stories of the Explorer, Cygnus Knights, and Resistance jobs!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.243 - Savior: Shangri-La & Kaling - July 19, 2023

MapleStory v242 Savior Shangri-La & Kaling Update MMORPG

  • Shangri-La: MapleStory's main story continues in Shangri-La, a mysterious place hidden within a picture as the Alliance seeks out the elders for answers...
  • New Boss: Kaling: Kaling has invaded Shangri-La with the Four Perils to collapse paradise. Test your strength and stop Kaling from achieving her goal!
  • Guild Castle: Unite with your guild members and work together to rebuild the legendary Guild Castle, featuring new weekly missions and rewards as you build up your guild's new headquarters in Maple World!
  • Journey Toward the Sixth Star Event: The stars have aligned with a 6-part event with special rewards running until the Winter 2023 update arrives with the arrival of the 6th Job update!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.242 - Savior: Khali, Wind of Vengeance - June 14, 2023

MapleStory v242 Savior Khali Wind of Vengeance Update MMORPG

  • New Job: Khali: A priestess of the Grandis High Flora, she entered the guard with her twin sibling, devoting herself to protect their beloved Lord. Khali moves with impossible speed through the battlefield, using her dual Chakrams and the blessings of the desert to punish any foe that tries to stand in her way!
  • Skill Improvements: The Savior Update also brought a huge number of changes to skills for just about every job in MapleStory.
  • Level Up Flow Revamp: Leveling for the key Lv. 220-260 range was massively improved, with less EXP required to level-up, and improved EXP rewards from Arcane River content, Monster Park, and more!
  • Lachelein Special Content: Midnight Chaser: A new piece of Arcane River Special Content was added, a game of Hide-and-Seek where you need to find Mr. Flopsy throughout the Lachelein Clocktower!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.240 - Neo Tokyo Update - March 22, 2023

MapleStory Double Trouble Recharge Update MMORPG

  • Boss and Monster Park Extreme Auto-Matching: No need to set up a full party of four to battle Bosess or delve into Monster Park Extreme! You can fill out your group or queue alone to get placed in a full group, ready to play.
  • Boss UI Revamp: We've also improved the Boss UI menus to make it easier to reach the bosses for battle, find party members to team up with, and check on which bosses you've cleared.
  • Grand Athenaeum: Maple Chronicle: A new episode has been added to the Grand Athenaeum, featuring two new stories: The Book of Arcane River, and the Book of Grandis, allowing you to revisit the Arcane River and Grandis storylines.
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.239 - Neo Tokyo Update - February 8, 2023

MapleStory Neo Tokyo Update MMORPG

  • Cube Revamp: With the Neo Tokyo Update, MapleStory retired the original set of cubes, releasing a new slate that utilize a new Cube Fragment system and allow for some Cubes to have a chance for double rank-ups. MapleStory characters with Cubes in their inventory or stash when the update took place had them replaced with an equivalent amount of the new Cubes.
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.238 - Ignition: Extreme Update - December 14, 2022

MapleStory Ignition: Extreme Update MMORPG

  • Odium, the Awakened Laboratory: Beyond the tower that continuously rises, the Alliance opens the locked doors of the laboratory. Delve inside, face the foes hidden within, and discover out the secret of the Adversary hidden within Odium!
  • Extreme Boss Difficulty: Battle Seren and the Black Mage as you never have before, in this even more challenging difficulty level, harder than Hard but with even better rewards!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.237 - Ignition: Cygnus Knights Redux Update - November 16, 2022

MapleStory Ignition: Cygnus Knights Redux Update MMORPG

  • Cygnus Knight Revamp: The Cygnus Knights are some of the oldest classes in MapleStory, an order of legendary warriors that battled the Black Mage in the days of old, and they have returned once again to finish their noble fight, and with the Ignition: Cygnus Knights Redux update, we've given them a revamp!
  • Monster Park Improvements and Extreme: Monster Park is bringing Extreme difficulty back and making a collection of new improvements as well! Take on the new challenges in the Morass, Esfera, Sellas, and Moonbridge stages, hunt down the specified monsters, and take out the Extreme Bigfoot before the beast can escape for a truly extreme amount of EXP!
  • Better Maple: We also made a bunch of other improvements to MapleStory with the Ignition: Cygnus Knights Redux update, including displaying the duration of Stun Resistance in the Boss UI, improved the display of buffs granted by EXP coupons, and more!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.235 - Rocking Revamp Update - August 31, 2022

MapleStory Rocking Revamp Update MMORPG

  • Legion Rank Expansion: The new "Supreme Legion" set of Legion Ranks were added, allowing for additional Legion Members, greater Legion Coin accumulations, new Emblem Designs, and more!
  • Better Maple: The Rocking Revamp Update brought a lot of changes, including the ability to skip Explorer Story Quests for Maplers that have been through it once before, additional AbsoLab Coins from Dark World Tree and Scrapyard weekly quests, improvements to the UI during Boss Fights to display the remaining percentage of the Boss's HP, and more!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.234 - Destiny: Homecoming - July 20, 2022

MapleStory Destiny Homecoming MMORPG

  • Home: Design your very own personalized living space in your very own Home, filled with furniture, posters, decorations, and much more, gaining helpful buffs for training and bossing, and providing a unique social space to invite your friends into!
  • New Boss: Kalos: You’ve come across Kalos the Guardian at the top of Karote, The Unending Tower. Challenge the powerful Guardian and test your strength!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.233 - Destiny: Remastered - June 16, 2022

MapleStory Destiny Remastered MMORPG

  • Explorer Redux: The Explorers are the original classes of MapleStory! Starting out as a simple Beginner, you can select your own path through 14 different possible jobs across all five types of MapleStory characters. They've been the backbone of MapleStory for the last 17 years, and with the Destiny: Remastered update all 14 Explorer jobs have been revamped, with a new story to enjoy as you level!
  • Mastery Book Removal: Mastery Books are no longer required in order to upgrade 4th Job Skills, making it even easier to improve some of your most powerful abilities!
  • Boss Reward Revamp: Additional rewards were added to many of our highest-level bosses, including the brand-new Dawn Boss Accessory Set!
  • Job Balances and Skill Improvements: While the Explorers got the primary focus with the Destiny: Remastered Update, we also took a look at the rest of the legion of classes to make sure everyone was up to par!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.231 - Double Trouble Superstars - March 16, 2022

MapleStory Double Trouble Superstars

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v.230 - Festival of Foodies - February 9, 2022

MapleStory Festival of Foodies

  • Tower of Oz Revamp: The Tower of Oz was revamped to create a smoother and more natural gameplay experience! The majority of stages were rebalanced in order to create a better experience in the tower, and rewards were also improved to make sure that your effort is properly rewarded!
  • Reboot World Improvements: Reboot World received a healthy set of Quality of Life improvements, including 20-Slot Bags being purchasable for mesos from the General Store, Monster Park Badges available for mesos, and Arcane River Droplet Stones and Stone Origin Droplets being available for direct purchase in Lachelin and beyond!
  • Hundreds of Fixes and Improvements: The February update was also an opportunity to revisit the many corners of MapleStory and make Maple World a more fun place to play! Skills, Bosses, Guilds, set bonuses for Absolab and Arcane Umbra equipment, and so much more were fixed or improved with this update!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.229 - On Air: An Absolute Unit - December 15, 2021

MapleStory On Air: An Absolute Unit

  • New Boss: Guardian Angel Slime: Waiting for you in Ramuramu lies the powerful Guardian Angel Slime, a new boss to challenge during your mid to late game journey!
  • New Daily Content: New daily content was added to the Morass and Esfera areas! Speak to the Mysterious Researcher in Trueffet Square to enter Ranheim Defense and defend the Ranheim Rod from waves of enemies coming from all sides, and talk to Shubert in the Esfera Base Camp to enter Esfera Guardian and destroy Twisted Dimensional Gates!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.228 - On Air: Glimpse of Joy - November 17, 2021

MapleStory On Air: Glimpse of Joy

  • New Job: Lara: One day, Lara, a sweet young Anima girl from Grandis, explored her village sanctuary, accidentally awakening the power of a mysterious bell. Play through Lara’s story together with her mystical allies, the land spirits, as she embarks on a grand adventure to learn the secrets of the bell and fulfill her people's calling!
  • Better Maple Updates: The improvements to MapleStory arrived in force once again with the big winter update! Reduced Death Penalties, a new Hyper Stat to boost your damage against normal monsters, Hyper Stat Presets to make it easier to change up your stats, locking equipment arrangements, and much more!
  • Guild Improvements: Guilds got a bit of love with a revamp to the Flag Race and Sharenian Culvert, additional Weekly Guild Missions, a revamp of Noblesse Skill Points, more convenience improvements, and more!
  • Reboot World Improvements: Reboot World also got a pass, to make sure that this popular server remains fun for all, slightly reducing normal monster HP, adjusting the Damage Increase for level ranges to be a fixed Final Damage boost instead of Base Damage boost, reworked Reboot Gift Box rewards, and more!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.224 - Neo: Light's Wrath - July 21, 2021

MapleStory Neo: Darkness Ascending

  • New Boss: Seren: Maplers could battle a god incarnate, Seren, in a brand brand new boss fight that tests even the most powerful of MapleStory characters!
  • Hotel Arcus: Clues from the gods led Maplers to an unlikely destination: a dilapidated hotel in the middle of an unforgiving desert, and an abandoned hotel filled with secrets to uncover.
  • Better Maple Updates: MapleStory was improved by unifying the process for obtaining cubes and rebirth flames, allowing Black Rebirth Flames to be crafted by Accessory Crafters, quicker animations for Star Force and Spell Trace Enhancements, making secondary weapons for Mechanic, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, and Mihile characters tradeable, and much more!
  • PIC Removal: MapleStory's Personal Identification Code (PIC) security system, while useful in the past to protect accounts from unauthorized access, was made redundant as more secure and convenient Two-Factor Authentication systems were added to Nexon accounts. As the PIC system involves prompting Maplers for passwords during many normal activities (such as logging in, trading with other players, or accessing storage), the system was removed to present Maplers with more convenient, and still secure, gameplay. You can learn more about this, and Nexon's set of Two-Factor Authentication systems, in the PIC Removal post here.
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.223 - Neo: Darkness Ascending - June 9, 2021

MapleStory Neo: Darkness Ascending

  • New Job: Kain: A new job was added, featuring a powerful bowman powered by pure Malice, imprisoned in his service to the vicious organization that dominated Toolen City.
  • Cernium, City of the Gods: A new chapter in MapleStory was added, as the barriers between worlds, sparked by the fall of the Transcendents, has managed to take an already chaotic situation and make it so much worse.
  • Better Maple Updates: A new slate of game improvements were added to MapleStory, including major improvements to Boss Matchmaking, more convenient Meso Market functionality, improvements to the V Matrix menu's layout, and more!
  • Level Cap Increase: The Max Level Cap was increased from Lv. 275 to Lv. 300, with corresponding increases to V Matrix Slots (up to 25) and additional Hyper Stat Points and Level Achievements.
  • Growth Improvements: With the raised Level Cap, we also made improvements to leveling and various other caps. Death penalties were also changed, decreasing EXP and drop rates after death rather than taking hard-earned EXP away.
  • Lapsed Character Deletion: As part of this update, a number of older characters were deleted from MapleStory, in order to free up space and character names for future use. This was limited to only Lv. 35 and below characters on accounts that had not logged into MapleStory since December 15, 2016.
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.222 - 16th Anniversary: Hotel Maple - April 20, 2021

MapleStory 16th Anniversary: Hotel Maple

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v.219 - Awake: Flicker of Light - December 15, 2020

MapleStory Awake: Flicker of Light

  • Zero in Reboot World: Reboot World players finally got the chance to enjoy the dual characters of Zero, now available whenever Zero is a createable character!
  • Familiar Improvements: We went back to the recently revamped Familiar system to add in some much-requested changes and improvements to the system!
  • Arcane River Theme Dungeon: Sellas, Where the Stars Rest: What can possibly happen deep under the mysterious sea? Venture into the unknown depths of the Esfera Sea with an all-new Lv. 240 Arcane River theme dungeon: Sellas, Where the Stars Rest!
  • Legion Arena: A new recurring event began where you can pit your Legion of powerful characters against other Maplers in the Legion Arena!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.218 - Awake: Ascend to Mastery - November 17, 2020

MapleStory Awake: Ascend to Mastery

  • New 5th Job Skills: Even more 5th Job Skills were added for every Job in MapleStory!
  • Job Rebalance: Jett got some special attention here, but every Job in MapleStory got a close look to keep everyone on the same playing field!
  • Grand Athenaeum Episode 6: Sharenian Knights: Venture to Grand Athenaeum to open a new chapter of Maple World’s history! This time, it was about a group of knights who were dedicated to their kingdom and devoted to training to become the great royal Knights of Sharenian.
  • MVP System Renewal: A new MVP reward tier, Red, was added, and the rewards for every tier of MVP were updated to be more valuable and convenient to claim!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.215 - Rise: Surge of Power - July 21, 2020

MapleStory Rise: Surge of Power

  • Yum Yum Island: There was a mysterious noise coming from the forest behind Chu Chu island and Skywhale. It was as if... all of Chu Chu Island was sinking! With the sound making the villagers nervous, Chief Lyon asked Maplers to investigate and see if Chu Chu Island was in any danger.
  • Burning World: A special addition to the Tera Burning event, Burning World gave players even faster ways to burn their way through lower-level content, before even committing to a single world!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.214 - Rise: Promise of the Guardian - June 9, 2020

MapleStory Rise: Promise of the Guardian

  • New Job: Adele: Adele, a High Flora of Grandis and an honorable knight, was locked away in the Void until the chains of her imprisonment were shattered by the wish of a silver-haired boy. Play through Adele’s story and learn more about her lost memories and the reason behind her imprisonment!
  • Reverse City: A new Arcane River zone in a strange, upside-down town with an incredible mystery to uncover for Lv. 205+ characters!
  • Beast Tamer and Kanna Skill Revamps: Beast Tamers and Kanna characters got some special attention to improve the quality of these Jobs!
  • Boss Revamp: Major boss changes came, including large changes to Lucid, Gloom and Darknell!
  • Guild Revamp: Guilds were improved with a Level Cap increase, an improved UI, better methods of contributing to your guild, and more!
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.213 - 15th Anniversary: Pixel Party - April 21, 2020

MapleStory 15th Anniversary: Pixel Party

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v.210 - Glory: Savior of Hope - December 17, 2019

MapleStory Glory: Savior of Hope

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v.209 - Glory: Strengthened Alliances  - November 18, 2019

MapleStory Glory: Strengthened Alliances

  • New Job: Hoyoung: A capricious sage, Hoyoung, was added to fill your days with excitement! Join Hoyoung and Taotie on a journey across Maple World to capture all the unsealed monsters!
  • New 5th Job Skills: Goddesses Cygnus, Rhinne, Grandis, and Princess Sakuno came together to share blessings and prayers in the form of new 5th Job Skills for each Job!
  • Better Maple Updates: A large number of smaller quality of life updates were made to make for a smoother MapleStory experience.
  • Growth Improvements: Reduced the EXP needed to go from Lv. 220 to Lv. 234 by 25%, added additional Daily Quests for Arcane River destinations, added new Explorer Link Skills, and more.
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.207 - Worlds Unite - August 26, 2019

MapleStory Worlds Unite

  • World Merges: Several MapleStory Worlds were merged together in order to create a better experience for all players! If you've been away for a while, you should check in here and see where your characters have ended up.
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.206 - Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes - July 22, 2019

MapleStory Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes

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v.205 - Pathfinder - June 11, 2019

MapleStory Pathfinder

  • New Job: Pathfinder: The Explorer Bowman, Pathfinder, arrived, driven by a thirst for ancient relics and a need to conquer an ancient curse.
  • Secret Forest of Elodin Theme Dungeon: Strange sounds were coming from the secret forest. What can it possibly be? Help Anne and discover the secrets of Elodin!
  • Job Balance Updates: Every Job got a look with a large balance pass, featuring changes to skills for nearly all Jobs!
  • Kanna and Hayato Revamps: The Kanna and Hayato Jobs got a special focus with this update, making changes to large numbers of Jobs and revamping the quests to make them more friendly to complete.
  • Content Revamps: 5th Job Advancement, Lv. 30-59 Theme Dungeons, Lv. 140-200 Quests and Fields, Daily Quests, Bosses, and more. Few parts of Maple World went untouched as MapleStory's progression was improved for all involved.
  • System Revamps: Major changes also came to Equipment Enhancement (including Star Force Enhancement not regressing until up to 10-Star), Hyper Stat improvements, Star Force and Arcane Power adjustments, easier starts to Legions, and a lot more.
  • Read the full patch notes here.

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v.202 - Black Mage: New Beginnings - January 22, 2019

MapleStory Black Mage New Beginnings

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v.201 – Black Mage: Labyrinth - December 11, 2018

MapleStory Black Mage Labyrinth

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v.200 – Black Mage: Gathering of Heroes - November 14, 2018

MapleStory Black Mage Gathering of Heroes

  • Maple Alliance: A major addition, including new skills, item rewards, and a Maple-Worldwide effort to gather the forces needed to defeat the Black Mage!
  • Leveling Up Revamp: A large set of improvements to make leveling up easier and smoother, including reducing the EXP needed to go from Lv. 200 to 220, greater EXP from many quests in the Lv. 100-200 range, more Mastery Books being available to make leveling up 4th Job Skills easier, additional Hyper Skill Points, and much more!
  • Better Maple Updates: A huge number of quality of life improvements and UI improvements to make playing MapleStory better, including a larger skill window, more rewarding Burning Fields, faster Continent Transportation without any of the waiting, the addition of a Mute shortcut, and a more!
  • New Display Resolutions: Full support of 1280x720 resolution, and the beginning of the beta for 1920x1200 and 1920x1080 resolutions.
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.197 – Ark: Monad - July 25, 2018

MapleStory Ark: Monad

  • Monad: With the aid of the Knights of Afinas, Maplers unraveled the mystery of the vanishing villagers, and united the villages to take back the Abrup Basin via new mini-games such as defending the town of Skuas, and escorting caravans across the Abrup Basin Trail!
  • Reboot (EU) World: A Reboot world was added for EU players, giving them the option of greater challenges that NA players had enjoyed!
  • Star Force Revamp: Star Force was expanded from 15 stars to up to 25, allowing you to give your equipment even greater power!
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.196 – Ark - June 20, 2018

MapleStory Ark

  • New Job: Ark: Ark can master both the magic of the High Flora, and the destructive abilities of the Specter!
  • V Care: A wide collection of improvements were made to improve the acquisition of 5th Job skills, including requiring fewer daily quests to obtain Arcane Symbols, additional rewards from playing Arcane River content, V Matrix Points, and much more!
  • Grand Athenaeum: Shadow Alchemist: A new story was added in the Grand Athenaeum in the form of Episode 5: Shadow Alchemist! Take on the role of Fang, a member of the Shadow Knights, in this prequel to Zero’s story!
  • Esfera: Origin Sea: Many mysteries awaited Maplers in a brand-new location, Esfera: Origin Sea, including the elusive Commander Will, and the truth behind the Black Mage's goal.
  • Captain Vaga: Maplers could enjoy the adventures of Captain Vaga in this prequel to Stellar Detectives!
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.191 – Nova: Brilliance of Illium - December 20, 2017

MapleStory Nova: Brilliance of Illium

  • New Job: Illium: Illium, a member of the peaceful and secluded Verdant Flora race, has struck out using powerful crystal magic and mechanical creations.
  • Morass: The Morass was a swamp in the Arcane River that takes its form based on the memories of those who enter it, however a darkness looms within the swamp, the perpetrator who caused the imbalance in Arcana.... Tana.
  • Papulatus Revamp: Papulatus was back for round 2, and he's got some new tricks up his sleeve and new Papulatus Souls to earn!
  • Grand Athenaeum Episode 4: Winter Bard: Enter Grand Athenaeum through the Dimensional Mirror to experience Maple World's forgotten history of a hero and his companions who laid down their lives for the people of Maple World. Their fates would be revealed in how they intertwined with those of the six legendary heroes who ultimately brought peace to Maple World.
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.190 – Nova: Liberation of Cadena - November 29, 2017

MapleStory Nova: Liberation of Cadena

  • New Job: Cadena: Cadena was the only survivor of Magnus’s attack on the Heliseum royal family, and has a streetwise edge while excelling at close combat.
  • New 5th Job Skills: 5th Job skills were expanded, with new skills available for all classes!
  • Maple Achievements: MapleStory gained a new Achievement system, rewarding players for advancing through Maple World and completing difficult tasks!
  • Spirit Savior: Maplers could rescue Rock Spirits and deliver them to safety in this special Arcane River dungeon!
  • Better Maple Updates: A huge slate of changes arrived to create a better MapleStory, including addition of confirmation windows to prevent , consolidating Use items with the same expiration date, improved Boss rewards (including piles of mesos!), and much more!
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.187 – Override: Venture - July 20, 2017

MapleStory Override: Venture

  • Dream Defender: Maplers helped Mr Flopsy the Dreamweaver fight back the nightmare by protecting Sleepytime Music Boxes and destroying Nightmare Music boxes in this special Arcane River dungeon!
  • Fantasy Theme World: A hopeless romantic named Dylan needed help planning out the proposal of a lifetime for his 101st love as you revisit the Fantasy Theme World!
  • Arcana: The mysteries of Arcana were unraveled and the spirits aided in defeating the dark corruption that is taking over the Spirit Tree in this Arcane River destination!
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.186 – Override: Evolve - June 21, 2017

MapleStory Override: Evolve

  • V Matrix Update: V Matrix was improved to grant a new skill slot every 5 levels (improved from 6), and the maximum number of skill slots was increased to 14.
  • New Skills: New 5th Job Skills were added for all Jobs, including a new skill for all Jobs that grants bonus EXP and items to help you power-level above Lv. 200!
  • Legion System: The Legion System was added, allowing you to gain stat bonuses for your collection of powerful characters and send them on Legion Raids to take down bosses and collect prizes!
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.183 – Kerning City Superstars - March 1, 2017

MapleStory Kerning City Superstars

  • Theme Dungeon: Kerning Tower: Blake came up with a new sound that he's confident will catapult him back to the top. He just needed a singer, and a talent scout, and basically everything. That's where you came in in this new Theme Dungeon!
  • Better Maple Updates: Another slate of general MapleStory improvements, with a collection of changes ranging from the major and important, such as monsters dropping potions that are proportional to their level, and the small but useful, like Mechanics being able to select the color of their mech or Meso and EXP amounts in chat windows having a thousands separator.
  • Maple Value Points: The Maple Value Points system was added, to give additional rewards and prizes to MapleStory players that continue to spend NX!
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.179 – V: Lucid - January 4, 2017

MapleStory V: Lucid

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v.179 - V: 5th Job - December 16, 2016

MapleStory V: 5th Job

  • 5th Job Advancement: After completing the Temple of Time questline uponreaching Lv. 200, you could begin your journey to the 5th Job and unlock the V Matrix UI! This is a unique way to earn and empower new skills and abilities that you'll be able to acquire from special Nodestones. There's powerful, unique skills for every Job that will make your characters stronger than ever!
  • Arcane River: Vanishing Journey: The Black Mage made his way into the lands surrounding Arcane River. Travel to the first area in Arcane River, Vanishing Journey, where you will encounter a monk who has lost his memories and is on a journey to regain them.
  • Arcane River: Chu Chu Island: You could complete the Vanishing Journey questline and then leap into the chasm, where you'll be swept away by the river and meet Muto, a friendly rock creature with the mind of a child.
  • See the full patch notes here.

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v.178 - V: Limitless - November 30, 2016

MapleStory Ark: Limitless

  • UI Revamp: MapleStory's User Interface received a huge series of updates to make it less cluttered, more intuitive, easier to navigate and customize, and much more!
  • Auction House: The Auction House was added to make it easier and more convenient to buy and sell items from your fellow Maplers!
  • See the full patch notes here.

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