Random Box Rates: Pixel Pick Royal Hair & Face Coupons

Pixel Pick Royal Hair & Face Coupon Rates


Pixel Pick Royal Hair Coupon:

  • Price (1): 3,000 NX

Pixel Pick Royal Face Coupon:

  • Price (1): 3,000 NX

Each Pixel Pick Royal Style Coupon gives you a random hair style or face style, based on your character's gender! There are 6 different hair styles available for each gender. There are 6 different face styles available for each gender. Here is the full list of items currently available from each coupon, along with their rates.

Please note that the displayed percentages are rounded, and the total sum of all rates may not add up to exactly 100%.

Male Hair Styles
Item NameRate
Alpha Hair 16.67%
Aqua Hair 16.67%
Blademaster Hair 16.67%
Pastel Goth Hair 16.67%
Short Cropped Hair 16.67%
Wild Wolf Hair 16.67%
Female Hair Styles
Item NameRate
Glam Shiny Hair 16.67%
Iris Hair 16.67%
Side Ponytail 16.67%
Side-tied Hair 16.67%
Sweet Fairy Hair 16.67%
Time-Saver Hair 16.67%
Male Face Styles
Item NameRate
Colored Pencil Face 16.67%
Innocent Gaze 16.67%
Smuglord Face 16.67%
Starlight Eyes 16.67%
Uninterested Face 16.67%
Yokai Eye 16.67%
Female Face Styles
Item NameRate
Lily Face 16.67%
Magical Girl Face 16.67%
Moist Face 16.67%
Naive Face 16.67%
Starlight Eyes Face 16.67%
Very Positive Face 16.67%