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Item Potential

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About Potential

Among the equipment obtained from hunting monsters or crafted via professions, some have a hidden-away Potential to grant even greater power, just waiting to be unleashed.

Potentials are usually sealed, so a piece of equipment needs to be appraised in order to view their Potential in the item's tooltip.

MapleStory Items with and without Potential

In order to unlock the sealed Potential, just use the Appraise button on your inventory and click on the unappraised item. Up to 3 unlocked Potential stats are granted per Equip item.

MapleStory Revealing Potential


  • Characters with a high level of Insight can appraise without having to pay mesos.
  • If your character is at least 30 levels above the item's Level Requirement, it can be appraised for free.
  • If there are 1 or 2 rows of Potential, you can use a Potential Stamp to add a third row.

Distinguishing Potentials

Potentials are divided into 4 ranks: Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Unique (Gold), and Legendary (Green). The odds of obtaining a Potential and its power differs depending on the Potential's rank, and become more rare as the Potential becomes stronger.

You can find out the rank by the color of border around the item, text below the item name, and the Potential mark on the bottom of the Equip item's tooltip.

MapleStory Potential Ranks

Adding Potential

Equipment without Potential that was obtained through hunting monsters or via Smithing can be given a Potential by using a Potential Scroll. There are many different types of Potential Scrolls, including item-specific Potential Scrolls, so make sure you use the right ones!

MapleStory Adding Potential

Resetting Potential

Because Potential stats are set at random, you may not get the bonuses that you were hoping for. Potential can be reset with various cubes, which can be obtained by fighting monsters, crafting, the cash shop, and more, and include:

  • Occult Cubes that can be obtained through hunting monsters.
  • Master Craftsman's Cube and Meister's Cube can be crafted through professions.
  • Red Cube and Black Cube which can be purchased with NX (Aurora, Bera, Elysium, Luna, and Scania worlds only), mesos (Reboot World only) or with Maple Reward Points.
  • Bonus Potential Cubes can be purchased with NX (Aurora, Bera, Elysium, Luna, and Scania worlds only).
  • White, Violet, and Equality Cubes will also occasionally be available for sale in the Cash Shop for NX (Aurora, Bera, Elysium, Luna, and Scania worlds only).

The highest Potential rank you can reach depends on the type of cube used.

MapleStory Resetting Potential with Cube

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