Jul 18, 2018

v.197 – Ark: Monad Update Preview

Experience a new blockbuster adventure in multiple acts with Monad! Face down monsters with unique strategies, and experience new types of gameplay. Then take on MapleStory’s newest boss, Commander Will! Visit two new worlds: the limited-time Lab Server where you play through a hardcore game style, and Reboot (EU) making the Reboot world experience available for the Europe region. Discovery events continue, and the Mega Burning event returns too! All this and more is coming your way in MapleStory Ark: Monad!


Experience Monad, a new blockbuster adventure in multiple acts! Travel to new area Abrup Basin, and lend your aid to an old woman whose granddaughter has disappeared. This content features new types of gameplay experiences such as saving the residents of a burning town, managing the resources of a caravan, and engaging in a massive town battle to save the villagers from swarms of monsters.

Battles take on epic proportions as you fight the gigantic Julieta, where the environment is as deadly as the monster! Escape on a Shrelephant as Julieta chases you through Grim Vale. Look out for crumbling buildings as Julieta follows you into Skuas Town! There are lots of new monsters including Eyefuls, Werebeasts, and Hellfangs, but it’s not all bad. You’ll also meet new types of allies that will attack enemies by your side.

Once you complete the opening acts of Monad, you’ll be able to access the MONAD Mission Board. Complete daily and weekly missions by repeating the content to earn rewards such as mesos, flames, titles, and more.


MapleStory’s toughest boss yet, Commander Will, appears as you explore Esfera! Will exists in both Maple World and Mirror World and you must fight him in both at the same time. Grab a party of 1-6 players and take on Will in three phases of battle. Look out for Will's spider skill attacks, and beware his reflection, which can attack with a will of its own. Collect Stone Cobweb Droplets to trade in for Arachno Coins. These coins can be used to purchase Lv. 200 Arcane Umbra equips, Will’s Soul Shard, Boss Medals of Honor, Occult Cubes, and more. You can also acquire a new 5th skill node, ‘True Arachnid Reflection’, by using the Mirror World Nodestone dropped by Will.


For a limited-time, you can play in Lab world where you can experience different concepts and try out new systems! You’ll be able to create one Explorer-class character as you play through a hardcore game style. If you die, your character will revert to a Lv. 10 Beginner, and your AP/SP and HP/MP will be reset. Monsters will have more HP and their stats will be five times better than on regular worlds. Potions will also have a cooldown applied to them, so you can’t escape death by spamming your potion button! However, the Enhancement Scroll count for all items is set high, at 255, so you’ll be able to enhance your items to their very best. You can also earn Lab Server Coins from monsters, which can be redeemed for useful items from the coin shop. Helpful boost potions and random boxes containing equipment will also drop. Do your best to take on this hardcore world!


Get ready for Reboot world which will be available in the Europe region! In Reboot, the focus is on fighting monsters and earning the gear and mesos you need through monster drops and progression, rather than making purchases from the Cash Shop or buying gear from other players. Monsters are stronger, but they give more EXP and mesos when defeated, as well as equipment that matches your character’s job. Item enhancement is simplified, and trades are disabled. The emphasis is on YOU earning what you need through hard work and progression!

Click here to learn more about Reboot (EU) World!


More Discovery Events will be available! Keep earning Ark Points for the Ark Coin Shop by battling other players in Discovery Arena, joining up for a huge game of OX Quiz in Discovery Glacier, or a giant Bingo game in Discovery Desert! You can also visit a battleground where you use Ark Coins to summon monsters in Discovery Dome. These monsters give +120% bonus EXP when defeated to help you level up! In Discovery Life, you can find a friend when you receive a parrot to raise. Hunt monsters near your level to find colorful fruit. Feed the fruit to your parrot to help it grow big and strong and level up! You’ll receive buffs as the parrot grows.


Create a brand-new character (other than Ark) during the event period, and select it to have the special “Burning” effect when the Mega Burning Project event returns. After your character reaches Lv. 10, every time that character levels up it will gain an additional two levels all the way up to Lv. 150! For a limited time, you will also be able to purchase a Character Name Change Coupon from the Ark Coin Shop!


For the complete patch notes, click here!





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