Jun 01, 2021

[Updated June 7] Death Penalty and Safety Charm Changes in v.223

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Attention Maplers,

With the v.223 Update, currently scheduled for June 9, we will be making a change to the character death penalty in MapleStory. Instead of removing already earned EXP from characters upon death, characters will receive EXP at a reduced rate and a reduced drop rate for a period of time after their death.

While we will have more to share about this major change in the future, we would like to give you advanced notice about how this change will affect Safety Charms and Safety Gems, Cash Shop items which currently protect players from losing EXP upon death. After the v.223 Update, Safety Charms and Safety Gems will change in the following ways:

  • Safety Charms' functionality will be changed to immediately remove the reduction in EXP earned and drop rates due to the character’s death.
  • Rookie Defense Charms, which could be obtained from previous events, will be deleted with the changes to the death penalty.
  • For Safety Charms obtained and owned through in-game events or NPCs, we plan to remove them from the [Etc] inventory and distribute updated versions. Please claim them through the Gift Drop icon on the left side of the screen within 14 days of the v223 update.
  • With the changes to the death penalty, the sale of Safety Gems, Leveling Packages, and Deluxe Leveling Packages will be discontinued a week prior to the v223 update.
  • With the changes to the death penalty, Safety Gems will be removed with the v223 update and the following refunds will be issued for accounts that own Safety Gems:
    • Permanent duration Safety Gems obtained through Cash Shop sales will be removed and accounts affected by the removal will be fully refunded with Maple Points.
    • [Update Jun 7] The Marvel Machine coupons for Safety Gems will be disabled at 7:00 PM PDT on June 7, and accounts affected by the coupon disabling will be refunded with 1,640 Maple Points (1/3 of Marvel Machine spin price) per coupon.

We hope that this change to death penalties and Safety Charms will make for a better MapleStory experience going forward.

Thank you,

-The MapleStory Team





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