Feb 24, 2022

Cubic Blade and Rebirth Flame Obtainment Reorganization Concerns

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 Hi Maplers,

We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the drop rate changes for Cubic Blade and Rebirth Flame items that resulted from the Cube and Rebirth Flame Obtainment Reorganization in v.230 update. We know many of you have been requesting for clarification regarding this reorganization, and apologize for the delay in communication and the frustrations you experienced while awaiting our response. It took some time to investigate your voiced concerns across many teams, and we wanted to have a clear understanding of the situation before we communicated a message to you.

We monitored the v.230 obtainment data for Rebirth Flames and Cubic Blades after the patch, and found that the current implementation of the system has item obtainment limits and drop rates lower than our intention. We apologize for the confusion this discrepancy in the system has caused. The obtainment limits and drop rates will be improved with the v.231 update, tentatively planned for March 16.

The Elite Monster drop rate for the following items in Aurora, Bera, Elysium, Luna, and Scania worlds will be improved with the v.231 update:

  • Cubic Blade
  • Powerful Rebirth Flame
  • Eternal Rebirth Flame
  • Unrelenting Flame
  • Forever Unrelenting Flame

In addition, we will continuously monitor the system and the actual quantity obtained by players to ensure the system is functioning on par with our development intentions.

Thank you,
The MapleStory Team





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