Jun 29, 2023

[Completed] Scheduled Minor Patch - June 29, 2023

MapleStory Maintenance Notice

[Updated June 30 at 3:15 PM PDT] Monster Life is now accessible again and should no longer crash upon entry.

[Updated June 29 at 11:09 AM PDT] The maintenance has been completed and we have extended Cash Shop items for 6 hours. Please restart your Nexon Launcher or Steam to make sure that you get the latest client! Thank you for your patience.

[Updated 10:07 AM PT] We are currently looking into an issue found during the maintenance. At this time, maintenance has been extended until further notice.

We will be performing a scheduled minor patch on Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 5:00 AM PDT (8:00 AM EDT / 2:00 PM CEST / 10:00 PM AEST). We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 6 hours, concluding around 11:00 AM PDT (2:00 PM EDT / 8:00 PM CEST / 4:00 AM AEST June 30). Thanks for your patience!


Thursday, June 29, 2023
PDT (UTC -7): 5:00 AM - 11:00 AM
EDT (UTC -4): 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
CEST (UTC +2): 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
AEST (UTC +10): 10:00 PM - 4:00 AM (June 30)

  • What will be unavailable:
    • All MapleStory game servers.
  • Changes and Updates (Additional Changes TBA):
    • Monthly windows update.
    • MapleStory will be updated to v.242.2.0
    • The skill from Breath of Divinity will now continue to work in the case that the player dies at the same time of activating the skill.
    • The Chu Chu Island Set now correctly gives Male and Female sets to Zero characters.
    • Ayame's skills can now be properly used when bound to a key during the Hieizan Temple questline.
    • Kaiser's summoned Nova Guardians no longer spawn too far from stationary bosses to attack.
    • The scrolling announcement will now only be present for the first two minutes of log-in time during the Miracle Time event duration.
    • [Updated June 29] The captcha when entering the Wongstaurant Mini-Games is no longer present.





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