Jan 31, 2024

v.248 - Strawberry Farm Festival Update Preview

Assist Spiegelette with her Strawberry Farm and receive cute strawberry-themed items. Explore the newly designed server selection screen and world groups: Interactive, Heroic, and Seasonal. Help Gold Richie unlock his safe with a secret code to win unique goodies. Transfer your highly trained Burning characters into your desired world with Burning World Leap. Last but not least…don’t forget about the exciting new collaboration with special items you won’t want to miss!

Help Spiegelette with her Strawberry Farm! For those of you under Lv. 260, defeat monsters to obtain Fertile Soil in order to enter her Strawberry Farm where you can earn massive amounts of EXP! If you help her out enough, she’ll reward you with an adorable Strawberry Outfit, Strawberry Damage Skin, and more!

To celebrate the new names and groups of the worlds, we’ve redesigned the world selection screen! The new world groups are now arranged in their respective categories so whether your characters belong to Interactive, Heroic, or Seasonal worlds, you can easily locate your world with the new intuitive design.

It’s time to play mind games with the rest of the Maplers…Gold Richie is back again with another safe to open! The player to enter the smallest unique code out of everyone in the world will win high-value prizes! You can enter by collecting Safe Tickets that are dropped by monsters or earned from completing Gold Richie’s quests. Happy guessing!

Characters who’ve reached Lv. 150+ in Burning World can now leap to an Interactive world of your choosing! These characters will join the rest of your fearless team and your Legion will look better than ever. Along with the character, you’ll bring your equipped items, inventory, and Mesos to your new world. Be sure to do this before the event ends because any characters not leapt will be deleted!

A special appearance will be arriving in Maple World soon! Assist the new friends with their quests and they will reward you with items and help you with your training as well! Stay tuned for more…





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